Achieve brilliant results in spray booths

The right filter concept for paint booths and extraction walls enables you to make lasting cost savings with consistently high paint quality. With as your partner, you get an optimal filter solution that is individually tailored to your requirements, plus a long service life and stable performance of your paint booth or extraction wall.

Reliable spray booth filtration systems with triple or quadruple separation ensure high-quality results and reduce spray booth maintenance. In addition, the Swiss clean air regulations are easily complied with. Achieve permanently shiny painting results with a comprehensive filter concept that reliably separates particles both in the supply air and paint dust and paint overspray in the exhaust air.

Already in the pre-filtration phase, a large part of the outside air dust is separated by means of pocket filters from Due to the high quality and service life combined with economy, pocket filters are the standard in paint booth ventilation systems. In addition, adhesive ceiling filters from ensure the highest possible process reliability against dust penetration in the cabin air supply. When it comes to filtering the exhaust air from the booth, the paint mist separators with a three- or four-stage filter system impress with their high separation performance and service life, and they protect your booth ventilation, heat recovery and the environment.

SWF cardboard pleated pre-filter for spray booths

– The SWF pleated pre-filters are available in the sizes 1 x 10 m, 0.9 x 11.2 m and 0.75 x 13.5 m
– or cut to measure
– Robust, durable pre-filter for paint mist extraction systems
– Suitable for many industrial paints


Installation and filter replacement:
– No support grid or support member is required for installation. Adequate inherent rigidity and dimensional stability is ensured solely with the help of the fold geometry and materials.
– Vertical installation of the pleated pre-filter is recommended.

Glass Fiber Paint Mist Filter
– 3”, approx. 75mm thick filter media made from an odorless, fire retardant fiberglass material. Well suited for separating paint mist in paint booths and paint mist extraction systems. Our recommendation, in order to increase the service life and the degree of separation of the filter mats, is to combine the filters ideally in combination with an SWF folding cardboard pre-filter and an S290 G4 or S300 M5 color stop filter as a post-filter.

The glass fiber mats have an elastic fiber structure. The low compressibility favors a high separation efficiency. The fiberglass mats are compressed towards the clean air side and have a progressive depth structure, which enables the paint particles to be stored over the entire depth. Temperature resistant up to a maximum of 180 °C. Fire protection: non-combustible building material according to DIN 4102. Resistant to acetone, paint compatible and silicone-free. The glass fiber filter mat white/green is approx. 75 mm thick.


Paint mist filter green/white S65 75 mm, rolled goods or cut to measure

Diese Taschenfilter mit progressiv aufgebautem, synthetischem Filtermedium zeichnen sich durch die höchsten Wirkungsgrade unter den synthetischen Taschenfiltern aus. Optimale Auslegung der Taschenkonstruktion und Taschenanzahl garantieren bei den heutigen Umweltbedingungen beste Luftfiltration.


Taschenfilter mit Kunststoffrahmen, Normzellen.

– Optimale Durchströmung der Filtertaschen.
– Medium bindemittelfrei, mit hoher mechanischen Festigkeit und wasserabweisendem Verhalten.
– Kein Faserbruch respektive Faserablösung bei Flatterbewegungen im Luftstrom (Faser-Shedding).
– Vollständig veraschbar ohne Schadstoffabgabe.
– Klasse ISO Coarse, 50 %, EN779 M5.
– In allen Normgrössen und in jeder Sondergrösse.
– Auch mit Holzrahmen erhältlich.

Ceiling filter – in standard dimensions
Ceiling filter 600G, M5, ISO Coarse 50%, adhesive, fibre-free. Synthetic filter medium for applications with very high air purity requirements. For example in the ceiling supply air of spray booths and drying systems.

– with special dust binding agent (completely soaked)
– flame retardant impregnated
– with polyester fabric on the clean air side


Rolls of 20 m. Roll height: 50 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm,
150 cm, 200 cm or cut to measure.

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